The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is an internationally recognised certificate at Bronze, Silver and Gold which is being offered to the members of the Barbados Cadet Corps.

The transferable skills developed by young people are vast and include team working, leadership, organisation, communication and self-reliance. The Award has been designed to run concurrently and complement the experiential opportunities with Corps’ existing program. Activities outside the Corps may also count towards the Award, thus encouraging the cadet to become even more involved in their school and community. Every member of the Barbados Cadet Corps from the age of 14 will have the opportunity to participate in the programme and gain an award appropriate to their ability and commitment. The overall intent is to register cadets when they reach the eligibility age of fourteen (14) years to commence the Bronze award. Cadets must be fifteen (15) years of age to pursue the Silver award and sixteen (16) years to start the Gold award. Members of the Barbados Defence Force, between the ages of 18 – 25 years are eligible to participate in the Award program.   All Award levels must be completed before the participants 25th birthday

How long does a
DofE programme
take to complete?


All Awards must be completed
by the participant’s 25th birthday