The foundation elements of the Strategic Plan of the Barbados Cadet Corps are its Mission, Vision, The Mandate and Strategic Goals for National Development.

Our Mission 

The Barbados Cadet Corps will be the leading youth organisation of choice for secondary school children in Barbados and will be a beacon of best practice for cadetting across the region.

The Vision

By 2026, The Barbados Cadet Corps will be the centre of excellence for cadetting in the region and beyond, exemplifying discipline, development and diversity.

The Corps’ Mandate

The Barbados Cadet Corps shall be a formal, well- regulated and highly disciplined organisation operating within all sectors of the school and youth communities, colleges and polytechnics in Barbados.   

It shall attract to its ranks significant numbers of young people of secondary school age and shall seek by all means to instill in them spiritual, moral, national and human values of honesty, justice, discipline and social responsibility.   

It shall establish the highest possible standards in all areas of operation, and shall seek to maximize levels of self-respect, self-confidence and self-discipline into a critical mass of Barbadian young persons.