Star Level Syllabus

The general content of the training syllabus for the Barbados Cadet Corps (BCC) is as follows:

Drill – Map and Compass – Skill at Arms – Shooting – First Aid – Fieldcraft – Military Knowledge – Leadership – Adventurous Training – Physical Activity – The Cadet and the Community – The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (DoE) and Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) in Cadetting

Star level training

This general syllabus is delivered and tested progressively at the following training levels:


A student who wishes to join the BCC must complete the Central Recruiting Programme (CRP).  At this stage emphasis is placed on Foot Drill, however Military Knowledge and other interest lectures are included.  The training runs one day a week for approximately 6 months and includes developmental training.  It culminates in a Passing Out Parade and induction into the BCC.


Star 1

This is the next level after completing CRP.  The young cadets continue training at their respective school detachments and continue the first tier of all areas of the syllabus with the exception of Leadership, DoE and CVQ in Cadetting. They must attend Annual Summer Camp for the first time where they are exposed to the firing of the .22 rifle and participate in an Adventurous Training Exercise which comprises one night and two days of field activities.





Star 2

This is the next level after completing Star 1.  Training continues at the school with revision of the Star 1 information, continues with the second tier of the syllabus which now includes an introduction to Leadership.  The Adventurous Training now comprises two nights and three days in the field.  As a qualified Star 2 cadets the child is now eligible for promotion to Lance Corporal, or under special conditions to Corporal, but must attend the Junior Instructors Cadre





Star 3

The cadet continues training at their respective detachments, as well as assisting with the instructions.  They must also attend special training organised at the Corps level.  They are exposed to firing other weapons, Method of Instructions and commence work on the DoE programme at the Bronze level. The requirements for the Adventurous Training are now three nights and four days in the field with the cadet travelling a distance of 25 miles. 

At this level promotion can be to Corporal or Sergeant, but participation at the Senior Instructors Course is mandatory.  If the cadet is 16 years at this level, selection to attend the Cadet Drill Instructors Course is possible.




Star 4

 Like the Star 3 the cadet instructs at the detachment but must also attend special training organised at Corps level.  The Adventurous Training Exercise (ATX) include spending four nights and five days in the field and travelling a distance of 50 miles. Promotion continues for the senior ranks. The Bronze level of the DoE should be completed by now, which allows the cadet to start work on the Silver.  If the cadet did not start the Bronze at Star 3, the option is there for direct entry to Silver.