The Sea Cadet Programme was established in 1993, as a part-time Unit to offer senior male cadets the opportunity to participate in marine-type training.  As Barbados is a “Ship Registry” this was seen as an important development.

It comprised mostly of cadets from school companies and mainly from the Ellerslie Secondary School (No.4 Company).

A new era was ushered in 2000 when the Sea Cadet Unit gained its independence and was also the first fully formed independent naval cadet unit in the Eastern Caribbean.  This also resulted in the Unit having a full naval military structure. It is now a detachment of the Second Battalion and makes provision for both full and part-time cadets. The Sea Cadets can boast of assisting with the establishment of other Cadet Corps/Forces such as Antigua, Dominica and St Vincent and the Grenadines

Sea Cadets 



The primary aim is to mould male and female teenagers to be productive citizens and tomorrow’s leaders through the use of naval customs, traditions, seamanship skills and military discipline.

Sea cadets also pursue infantry training in Skill at Arms, Shooting, Drill, Leadership and Basic First Aid.

The subject content comprises:


Naval customs and traditions

Nautical Terminology


Cadet Coxswain


PADI diving qualifications

Rules of the road (COLREGS)

Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS)