The Junior Leaders Programme (JLP) was established after receiving the approval for its creation of the Defence Board in 1977.  Recently, it has become a part of the Barbados Defence Force’s (BDF) strategic positioning for youth development.  Therefore, it has been re-energised and it is now a Company within the Barbados Cadet Corps. 

The aim is to expand the youth development programme of the Barbados Defence Force by training cadets in military and life skills; and so, providing added value to the participants’ academic, vocational and social development.  Ultimately, the JLP will produce responsible, disciplined adults who are ready to make a meaningful contribution to national development.  This strategic alignment with national policy will result in keeping our youth off the streets in a structured and disciplined environment.  Also, as part of the BDF’s strategic platform, it will attract recruits to the Regular and Reserve Forces in support of succession planning.

Junior Leaders


The JLP commits to a positive and different experience that has a lasting impact.

Stronger individuals will develop greater confidence.

Infuses military values.

Develops attributes in leadership, citizenship and physical fitness.

Provides opportunities for certification.

Opportunity to earn a training stipend

A cadet who is 16-18 years of age can volunteer to participate in the Programme with parental consent


The participants in the Programme are called ‘pioneers’.  Training is conducted on Wednesdays each week as well as one weekend per month and an annual two-week camp.  The course disciplines comprise:

Military skills

Life skills


Physical training

Instruction is conducted on all BDF bases with the Barbados Regiment (BR) and Barbados Coast Guard (BCG) Reserve.

Upon completion of the 2-year programme, the pioneers will receive certification for outstanding performances in the various course contents.