The Catering Detachment (CD) of the Barbados Cadet Corps (BCC) adds a new dimension to the Corps.  This Detachment allows for a new set of skills to be developed in young cadets; whilst offering another positive avenue for youth development.

The primary focus is to develop culinary skills and simultaneously conduct training with some military disciplines.

Cadets attached to the CD will be offered the opportunity to pursue the CVQ in Food Preparation and Cookery, which prepares them for entry into the culinary arena and the tourist industry. The training also permits the cadets to assist with the feeding needs of the BCC, as well as to be exposed to an apprenticeship programme for further advancement.

Catering Detachment

Cadets interested in this Detachment must have completed the Central Recruiting Programme.  The cadets must still attend training at their particular school.  This allows for them to be exposed to enough contact hours for catering training, without compromising the military training. Cadets must have a love and passion for Culinary Arts, as this will be pertinent to the attitude which they will exhibit during the Programme.